Yes I Know It’s the Holiday Season – You Still Need to do Your Best!

It’s that time of the year – the Nutritionists’ nightmare – the holiday season is just beginning. We’ve had Halloween, next is Thanksgiving, and then the big ones Christmas and New Years. People eat and drink poorly and in excess; they know it and they don’t want to talk about it. Don’t worry – I’m here if you need me!

I’ve already heard of too many “treats” for Halloween, which to your body are really “tricks.” If you still have a pile of candy around the house you might want to refresh yourself on the evils of sugar. For that I direct you to a great website of Nancy Appleton and the 141 ways sugar ruins your health:

Let’s accept that it is tough to avoid all the Holiday foods. That’s fine. However, it means it is even more important that you eat healthy foods to maintain some semblance of balance in the body. For your review are two past articles Ten Foods to Have in Your Healthy Diet and Ten More Foods to Have in Your Healthy Diet.

Balance Your Gut Flora

One of the areas of the body that can get way out of balance, particularly from holiday excess, is the gut. This is your whole gastrointestinal tract including the stomach, small intestine, color, and the microorganisms (flora) that live there.

Yes, the flora is part of you. There is about 4-6 pounds worth. There are more flora cells than human cells in your body. There are infinitely more flora genes in your body than human genes. That’s a lot to manage and balance.

Fortunately Standard Process has developed a new program designed to cleanse and balance your GI tract. Many of you have done their Purification Program which targets primarily the liver and kidneys for detoxification. This is different as it targets digestion and immune system function. For more information please call, e-mail, or click here to read more about the GI Flora Balance Program:

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