Last month I promised an article about two other “pioneers” of nutrition – Sylvester Graham and John Harvey Kellogg – yes the “graham” cracker and the cereal company. To be honest, I’ve been crazy busy with other stuff, so I didn’t get around to writing the article. So, I’ll do the next best thing. Here are excerpts from two articles from the Weston Price Foundation.

“The American Vegetarian Society was founded in 1850 by Sylvester Graham (1794-1851), an early advocate of dietary reform in United States and the inventor of Graham bread, made from chemical-free unsifted flour. Highly influential, Graham promoted vegetarianism and a high-fiber diet as a cure for alcoholism and lust. Graham preached that an unhealthy diet (one containing the confounding variables of meat and white flour) stimulated excessive sexual desire, which irritated the body and caused disease.

John Harvey Kellogg (1852-1943) followed in Graham’s footsteps. Inventor of corn flakes and a process for making peanut butter, Kellogg advocated a high-fiber vegetarian diet to combat the twin evils of constipation and “natural urges.” Kellogg preached against sexual activity even in marriage.”

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“Brown and Presley also cover what I call the birth control diet. Reverend Sylvester Graham was a preacher in the 1800s who had a thing against sex. He figured out that a vegetarian, grain-based diet reduced sex drive. He and Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (also against sex) were instrumental in promoting the base of today’s government approved food pyramid.”

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