Hard to believe the Fall has arrived. All of a sudden the nights are longer than the days.

I’m just back from the last of my three major training events – Back to School for Doctors 2014. This is an annual conference presented in Denver by Mark Anderson of Standard Process West. It is primarily targeted at Chiropractors, but there are a few of us Nutritionists, as well as Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, and even some medical doctors and dentists in attendance. To put it simply – it is awesome. Mark is a dynamic speaker who presents the scientific studies that we don’t often hear about: the ones that support much of what we do (or have done) in the natural healing arts.

I look forward to sharing this information. There was a lot to digest and process so I am starting work on four new articles for future newsletters, including this one – hence the delay. My goal is two this month and two next month. As you can probably guess from the titles there’s some good stuff:

1. Supporting Your Immune System or How to Give Your Body Its Best Shot Against Unwanted Viruses (Such as the flu, E68, or even dare I say Ebola)

2. B4: The Vitamin You Likely Never Heard Of and How It Protects Your Heart (Perhaps there is another reason for the rise in heart disease)

3. Is Your Probiotic Really Helping You or Are You Flushing Good Money Down the Toilet?

4. Steadying Your Mind and Emotions: The Role of Minerals in Balancing Your Nervous System

Time for a Cleanse?

I also wanted to mention that the Fall is a great time for a cleanse. There are still lots of great fresh vegetables available and you can utilize healthy warming soups to take the place of the salads in the cleanse. As a special bonus I still have a few of the special offer books available – those are on a first come first serve basis for cleansers if you have not received one yet. Everyone who has one loves the book which even offers meal by meal planning for the 21 days. And for those not wanting to do the full 21 days there are now four 10 day cleanse options: Blood Sugar, Female Vitality, Male Vitality, and Anti-Inflammatory.

A Special Thanks

This past week I received one of those testimonials that I love to share. This is what re-affirms the work! What my clients do is not easy. We all know it is difficult to change habits, especially what we eat. But, when clients are compliant – this is what happens:

“Healing is possible with Bernie Rosen Wellness! Thru Bernie’s work with me over the past year I have made monumental strides mentally and physically. With the use of natural healing methods such as yoga, proper nutrition and standard process products, we have rid my body of unhealthy parasites and balanced my hormones. I have also worked through some emotionally difficult times much thanks to Bernie’s guidance and direction. He is always there to return an email or even reach out with a phone call when you need it most. His service is priceless it could save your life. I am now able to live up to my fullest potential and always know where to go for help if I wander off my path. “ E.E.

Supporting Your Immune System or How to Give Your Body Its Best Shot Against Unwanted Viruses (Such as the flu, E68, HPV, or even dare I say Ebola)

I’ll admit right off the top I’m certainly no expert on Ebola, but it seems quite apparent neither are the “experts” be they in the Federal Government (the CDC) or your major medical institutions. And I’m no expert on the latest “new and mysterious” Enterovirus 68 (or E68) virus or the flu or any of the other viruses that wreck havoc on us – Herpes, Epstein-Barr, HPV, etc.

But what I do know is that with all these viruses about us the best way to protect ourselves is with a strong immune system. Without that we are prone to these unwanted invaders.

To best understand our internal immunity we look at the relationship between four important nutrients – Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Ionized Calcium (Calcium in the blood stream), and the essential fatty acids (from here on referred to as Vitamin F).

For the rest of the article click here: https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=37

B4: The Vitamin For Heart Health You May Never Heard Of

Vitamin B4 – ever heard of it? If I were a betting person I’d say probably not. Well perhaps there is a reason. Maybe someone doesn’t want you to know what it is you are missing.

For the full story click here https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=38

Here’s the important part of the story. In nature B1 and B4 are found together in the B Complex as described above. With these two factors this B vitamin is the anti-beriberi nutrient. But, there are two kinds of beriberi: “wet” beriberi which affects the cardiovascular system (the heart) and “dry” beriberi which affects the nervous system. B1 (Thiamin) supports the nervous system while B4 supports the heart.

The more easily identified form of beriberi is the “dry”. This leads to paralysis – which is quite evident. Beriberi is Swahili for “I can’t, I can’t.” The “wet” form with its damage to the heart is a longer process and not as immediately evident.

More specifically B4 has two main functions. The first is to maintain muscle tone. As the vitamin becomes deficient muscle tone, particularly of the heart suffers. The second function is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy which fuels the heart. When the heart is starved of electricity it enlarges. With enlargement it also becomes flaccid (lacks muscle tone) and the tissue responds to the forces of gravity by sinking. This pulls the valves and other structures down causing minor leakages, ultimately compounding the heart disease.

As you can see – B4 is essential for heart health.

So back to the original question – what happened to B4? Quite simple – B4 is part of the B complex as found in real foods, for example whole grains. When grain is refined (as in white bread and other white flour products) the B4 is removed. And here’s the kicker. B4 cannot be made in the lab. There is no synthetic version – no one can make isolated B4. The food manufacturers cannot add it back to their grain products during their “enrichment” process (of course this is misleadingly called “fortifying” or “enriching”) when they add back other B vitamins such as Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, and Folic Acid.

Due to our modern diets of refined grain products we become deficient in B4 and over time this leads to the enlarging of the heart, minor leakages, damage to the heart, and simultaneously heart disease.

Fortunately the solution is rather simple. Be sure to eat real food products that have their full assortment of vitamins intact. Another option is to supplement, however this must be done with products that are derived from whole foods and contain B4. In my practice I use Standard Process supplements which fit this description.

That’s all for now. The November newsletter will contain the next two articles (hopefully!! – it is coming up in a few weeks).