More Than Ever, Now is the Time to Eat Well and Be Well

Welcome to the October newsletter. Hard to believe it is the Fall. It is our favorite season. We love the beautiful colors as the leaves change.

While we strive to bring you new material each month, we have decided to repeat and re-emphasize the important messages from last month.

In these interesting times the most important thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to eat properly and support your immune system. Even Dr. Fauci has stated he is taking Vitamin C and Vitamin D! While you may hear or believe what you want about the coronavirus at the end of the day no one really wants to get sick even if they think it is just a flu.

And please remember, we offer remote consultations for both SHAPE ReClaimed and nutrition consulting.

Number One: Eat Well

Last month we introduced you to Well World – a new App from Designs for Health – offering you free access to the eating plan of your choice (including meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, avoid lists, and daily reminders). Several of you have taken us up on this offer and the early returns are very positive! This is an easy way for you to follow a healthy eating plan – it is all laid out for you!

If you are interested, let us know, and we will send you the link to get started. Click here for Eating Plan descriptions: Introducing Well World

If the app is “too much” for you, we remind you of our classic standby – The Page Food Plan. Dr. Melvin Page was a dentist. He took the works of his fellow dentists Dr. Weston Price and Dr. Royal Lee and expanded upon them.

Their key finding was healthy human beings had a serum calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2.5 parts calcium to one-part phosphorus (10:4). This is what Dr. Price found in the native populations he studied and what Dr. Page later concurred with his patients. Dr. Page went on to show that those with higher calcium tended towards heart disease and atherosclerosis, while those with high phosphorus tended towards cancer. The underlying reasons are quite simple – too much calcium in the blood leads to clots and too much phosphorus weakened the immune system.

Page developed a specific diet – the Page Food Plan – that brought his patients’ blood chemistry into proper balance and they became healthy! The original plan was developed in the 1950’s and is available on my web site here: Page Food Plan

If you would like to refresh yourself on our favorite Pioneers of Nutrition, please use the following links:

For the Royal Lee article click here: Dr. Royal Lee

For the Francis Pottenger article click here: Dr. Francis Pottenger

For the Weston Price article click here: Dr. Weston Price


Number Two: Be Well – Support Your Immune System

Throughout the pandemic we have continued to stress the importance of supporting your immune system. While you may hear differing viewpoints on masks, lockdowns, positive cases, deaths, etc. at the end of the day no one really wants to get the “vid”.  Our position since the end of March is do the best you can to support your immune system. A big part of that is Number One: Eat Well and the second part is supplementation.

You can review the article describing what the experts are saying here: Immune System Experts.

Last month we introduced Bio-Fizz Immune from Designs for Health a product that contains the most important immune system supporting nutrients (Vitamin C, Vitamin D, quercetin, and zinc) all in one great tasting powder. This is great for kids as they head back to school as well as for the whole family.

For more details on BioFizz Immune click here: BioFizz Immune

This month Designs for Health released another awesome and family friendly product – Immuno-Zn Lozenges. Immuno-Zn™ Lozenge is a combination of zinc and elderberry delivered in an easy-to-dissolve lozenge with a delicious mixed berry flavor to support overall immune function. For more information click here: Immuno-Zn Lozenges


Number Three: Be Well – Stress and Mental Health Support

Last month we introduced the supplement protocol feature of Well World. While we prefer to meet with you in person in the office and muscle test to determine the exact nutritional support program for you, Well World’s supplement protocol is the next best thing!

Sample protocols include stress reduction, improving mood, hormone balancing, improving digestion and anti-viral to name a few.

This feature is also great for your friends and family members who would like to work on a specific health issue but are not able to come to the office. It is especially beneficial for those not living in the area who would like to receive nutritional support from a trusted source.

If you are interested please call Bernie at 414-331-8796 or email We appreciate you passing this information along to your friends and family members that may be interested.