As we move into cooler weather many of us will soon be dealing with dry skin and other skin issues. You may be like Bernie and have certain areas on your fingers that get dry and crack during the winter – at the same place on the hand each year. We thought we would take a break from the past several months focus on the immune system and look at the skin.  Did you know that the skin is part of what is called the integumentary system that also includes the hair, nails, and exocrine glands!

We would like to share some of our favorite skin care products: Chlorophyll Complex Ointment from Standard Process, SKIN ReClaimed™ from SHAPE ReClaimed™, and several products from 3rd Rock Essentials.

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Chlorophyll Complex Ointment

Chlorophyll Complex Ointment from Standard Process is probably the most unique product they manufacture. They only make it a couple times per year and requires special manufacturing procedures to produce the fat-soluble chlorophyll that is features.

Their official description states: “Chlorophyll Complex Ointment moisturizes and soothes for healthy-looking skin.” But there is way more to it than that. In the Clinical Reference Guide for Standard Process products (independently published) there is a bit more guidance, much more consistent with how our clients have used the product. “A fat-soluble chlorophyll is excellent for topical applications such as lesions, burns, and skin ulcers. It is a stimulant for skin regeneration and healing.” It can be used for “burns, leg ulcers (diabetes), skin lesions and wounds, bed sores, rectal itching/hemorrhoidal relief, dry socket (dental), first aid – keep handy in kitchen and work area.”

Our clients have healed anal fissures, hemorrhoids, cuts, and a variety of other skin issues. Bernie uses it on his fingers when they crack from dryness in the winter but also to heal cuts. The reason we are writing about this product is just a couple of days ago Bernie cut his finger and has used the ointment to successfully accelerate the healing.

One warning – you do have to be careful with the product as it is very green and will stain clothing. To read more about the product click here: Chlorophyll Complex Ointment. This blog provides more background on why fat-soluble chlorophyll is recommended. And yes, we will match her 20% off offer is you want to try some! The Green Wonder – Fat-Soluble Chlorophyll


SKIN ReClaimed™ Healing Lotion

SKIN ReClaimed™ Healing Lotion is a skin care product from SHAPE ReClaimed™. It is 100% organic and hypo-allergenic. It soothes symptoms of dry, cracked, scaly, itchy skin. It has been beneficial for symptoms of acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and shingles. It can also provide pain relief associated with skin rashes, burns, muscle and joint aches.

Many (actually most) commercially available lotions contain many toxic ingredients: chemicals, colors, dyes, fragrances, gluten, glycols, parabens, pesticides, and phosphates. This product does not, so it is ideal for the health-conscious person.

To learn more about SKIN ReClaimed™ Healing Lotion click here: Healing Lotion

To purchase SKIN ReClaimed™ Healing Lotion click here: BUY Healing Lotion


3rd Rock Essentials

Another line of products we have come to like is the 3rd Rock Essentials. We have written previously about their sun block and deodorant products. Now we would like to introduce their skin health line which includes ITCHBlock, RASHBlock, Nutroleum, and Nutrasporin.

Bernie is a fan of the ITCHBlock and has successfully used it on several places on his hands that were itchy and within two days the itching stopped. Susana uses the Nutroleum on her lips to help prevent chapped lips.

To learn more about these products click here: 3rd Rock Essentials

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