Back to School

As the summer winds to an end it is back to school season. Hard to believe my son Zach is now a sophomore at Madison and living with four other friends in an apartment and my daughter Mollie is entering her senior year at Homestead. Time sure flies!

With back to school the theme of the month we will revisit some gems from the past – healthy snack ideas and healthy breakfasts – and offer a simple solution to get the daily basic nutritional supplements into our children and loved ones.

Of course back to school isn’t only for the kids. I am looking forward to attending several seminars this fall to deepen my nutrition knowledge. And as I learn, I am able to pass this information along to you.

In last month’s newsletter I mentioned the formation of a Weston Price Foundation Chapter for Ozaukee and Washington Counties. We are well on our way. Look soon for the official announcement and upcoming events.

Not Just for Kids – Back to School Healthy Snacks and Breakfasts

As the kids return to school it is important to turn our attention to healthy foods for them. Two of the biggest challenges are breakfast and snacks. Breakfasts because they want to sleep as long as they can and then run to school (at least the teenagers!) and snacks because they are hungry and need food faster than now! These suggestions are not only for the kids though!

Here’s what you want to eat:

Here’s what you don’t want to eat:

The General Health Daily Fundamental Packet Makes it Easy for Your Kids at College and Significant Others

Earlier I mentioned my son Zach away at school. He is no longer on a meal plan, so along with his roommates are fending for themselves. Two of them claim they have cooking experience. We will see how it goes!

Anyway, I want to make sure he’s getting daily basic nutrients, so he is equipped with a supply of the General Health Daily Fundamental packets from Standard Process. Each packet contains a multivitamin, a multimineral, and fish oil – the basic fundamental nutrients that we all need on a daily basis. These packets are also great for our significant others (usually that means the boyfriends and husbands) who find it difficult to manage multiple vitamin bottles (we can also call this too lazy!!).

As a back to school special I will be offering these at 15% off for the month of September – about a $10 savings!! If you are interested, please give me a call or send an e-mail. To read more about the products click here: