Greetings! This past month sure flew by quickly! Probably because it was my busiest ever! I want to thank you all for being part of that – as a client, in referring, or as a mentor. Thanks for helping my practice continue to grow and to be able to reach and help more and more people.

This newsletter features:

Something Old: I can never resist promoting a cleanse!

And Something New: more on glyphosate and my love of learning.

Now Three Different Cleanses to Choose From

I can never resist promoting a cleanse! As the weather gets warmer (hopefully that will soon occur here in Wisconsin!) there is greater availability of local produce. These foods provide the basis for the healthy way of eating that is universal to any cleansing program.

While my favorite cleanse is the “old reliable” 21 Day Purification Program from Standard Process, many of you have done that and are looking for something different. I’ve recently introduced the Opening Cellular Pathways cleanse from Physica Energetics with excellent client reviews. I also have two version of a Dysbiosis (or Gut) Cleanse – one using Standard Process products and one using Physica products. These too have received rave reviews.

Glyphosate Revisited

Right after last month’s newsletter went out I came across even more disturbing news regarding glyphosate and Roundup. First was the International Agency for Research in Cancer announcing that glyphosate was “likely carcinogenic” (that means cancer causing!). And second was something I learned at the autoimmune seminar (see below) that wheat is routinely soaked in Roundup as part of the processing. This means that any wheat product here in the US that is not organic, has likely been soaked in Roundup. If you haven’t already done so, I’d urge you to read my article on glyphosate. To do so click here:

The Joy of Learning

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is that there is always more to learn! It keeps things interesting! And, the more I learn, the more I can help my clients. It also seems that every time I attend a workshop I hear exactly what I need to help an existing client or someone who just happens to call right after I’ve returned from the training.

Two of the areas I’ve recently learned more are blood chemistry and autoimmune disease. I’ve been doing blood chemistry analysis for the past several years. It is a great way of determining what nutrients may be lacking and to help bring the body back into balance. Last month I attended a seminar and later this month I am going to another. To learn how blood chemistry analysis can benefit you click here:

There are hundreds of different autoimmune diseases and many of them have a nutritional component. During early May I attended one of the best seminars I’ve ever experienced. It was given by Dr. Michael Gaeta. He is a wealth of knowledge. I was so impressed I even purchased a package of his recorded seminars. Now of course I need to find the hours to listen to them – I’m sure they are well worth it! And I’m sure as I listen to each I’ll match what I learn to a client who can benefit. Dr. Gaeta has a very informative web site, so if you are interested click here:

And, I have additional training coming up. In September is the Back to School for Doctors in Denver. This is where I learn more about using Standard Process products. In October I’m attending my first Concordia which is a 4-day event in Santa Barbara featuring the Physica Energetics products. That is the new product line I began carrying this year and have seen incredible client results with! Not only do these seminars provide a great opportunity to learn more about the products that I use in practice, but I also meet top practitioners from across the country in attendance. Many of them are willing to be mentors and encourage me to send them questions. This way the learning continues even after the conference.