The Adrenal Summit – Well Worth Participating!

Meet Glen Depke, Depke Wellness, and his awesome program The Adrenal Summit. I met Glen several years ago at a wellness seminar. At the time he worked for Dr. Mercola in the Chicago area. He has since moved on to his own practice in sunny Southern California. Glen is an awesome practitioner and educator. His newsletters are filled with important information and I’ll often post and tweet them to my network.

Earlier this year he orchestrated The Adrenal Summit. It consists of thirteen interviews with specific topic experts. While it is called The Adrenal Summit it addresses much more. It connects the dots between adrenal health and the many areas that influence it including diet, exercise, food sensitivities, blood sugar management, stress management, immune system health, thyroid health, emotional health and more.

The interviews have been recorded and you can purchase the series for $97. It is a great deal as all the practitioners offer free gifts. But unlike what you often see, these free gifts are of real value. I strongly encourage you to see what Glen has to offer. As I said earlier, I don’t usually hawk other people’s products. But this is well worth it. I have personally listened to all the interviews myself and have gained a greater understanding of these issues. Here is a link to The Adrenal Summit home page.