I have several favorite “nutritional sayings” (as I like to call them) that I use with my clients. One of these stems from the fact that most of us have no idea how our body works. How do I know this? I ask people all the time and I get the same answer. “I didn’t know that.” So here’s my saying “Unfortunately our body did not come with an Owner’s Manual.” One of my main objectives in working with any client is education on how the body works and how this relates to our lifestyle. Over the next year this will be the focus of my writings and postings. I’m calling this undertaking “The Body Positive” and I hope you’ll join me. Each post or update will be brief and to the point exploring one particular aspect.

As I experience every day with my clients, when they know and understand how their body works they make different choices – positive ones leading to improved health and happiness.

I have five simple rules: You are what you eat; you are what you eat eats; you are what you digest; you eat what you are; and balance and moderation. We’ll be exploring these concepts in conjunction with learning some basic anatomy and physiology of the body. Think of anatomy as the parts and physiology as what they do.

We’ll begin with digestion in the next post.

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