Last October we introduced several new supplement lines to the practice which are distributed by Aduco in Northern California. Over the past year we have been using these products with clients and getting outstanding results. The products have proven to be important difference makers – 3rd Planet’s MycoRev Neuro, QuickSilver’s Immune Charge +, and Focal Evolve’s BioPro line of probiotics to name a few.

We have participated in many online trainings to increase our knowledge of these products. During this time, we have also gotten better acquainted with Justin and Monica Toal who own the company. Bernie was asked to do a webinar on his experiences with the products. We are able to share that presentation here:

Aduco Academy – Clinical Insights from Dr. Bernie Rosen, PhD: Best Practices + Case Studies

Aduco distributes products from 3rd Planet, Focal Evolve, QuickSilver Scientific, and Doctors Research. You can learn more about those products here: Aduco Website