We are Moving, Expanding and Offering New Services!

We are pleased to announce that we are moving the office to a new location in Coeur d’Alene on October 1. The lease is not officially signed, so we will tell you the new address once all the formalities are done!

We are excited about the new space. It will be larger and much closer to the Interstate! Stay tuned for the official announcement!

We will also be offering some new services. Those details are still being finalized in the next couple of weeks, so we will hold off on that official announcement as well!

We are in the process of upping our game on Instagram. We have found a professional expert to help us. Look for those changes coming up! And please follow us on Instagram at wellnessrosen.

Back To School: Healthy Eating and Immune System Support

Your children are likely back to school and if not will be so shortly. There are two important areas that impact your health that you want to put back to top of mind: eating healthy and strengthening the immune system. Healthy eating provides the nutrients we need to fuel our body and with the bugs beginning to circulate again it is definitely the right time to support your immune system.

Back to School Nutrition Ideas

In the spirit of “back to school” here are a few ideas on nutrition for kids. (Of course this information is good for adults too!) Nutrition for kids is the most challenging aspects I face when working with clients. While it is hard enough to get adults to eat healthier, kids are often a greater challenge. The food producers and manufacturers have developed special foods that they call “kid’s food”. If you take the time to read the list of ingredients you will find that most of it is not food and should not be consumed by anyone, particularly our children. Our children are growing and need the healthiest foods available to properly fuel their minds and bodies. To continue reading the article click here: Healthy Back to School Ideas

Immune System Support

There is a wealth of support on the Rosen Wellness Blog about the Immune System. Follow this link to the blog and click on Immune Support Immune System Support Articles.

For a full review of the immune system please read our eBook: Immune System Ebook