Introducing two new easy at home tests to measure internal function related to cell membrane health and detoxification capabilities. If you want these tests can also be done at my office.

The Meta-Oxy Test is a quick and easy test that measures malondialdehyde in the urine. Malondialdehydes are toxins that are released into the bloodstream when fats, including cell membranes are oxidized. The kidneys excrete them into the urine. Thus, this test is a general measure of cell membrane damage due to peroxidation of fats.

All you need to do is pipette a small amount of urine into the test vial and look for color change. The darker the magenta color, the more cellular damage is occurring.

When cell membranes are damaged and fail to perform optimally we see: poor cell signaling of the immune system, increased metabolic toxicity, reduced cellular energy, damaged DNA, poor tissue function, unresponsive hormones, increased risk of abnormal cell proliferations, and increased risk of cardiovascular concerns.

The Sulfite and Sulfate Test is a quick and easy test that measures sulfites and sulfates in the urine. Both excess sulfites and sulfates are toxins, particularly to the nervous system. Excess may stimulate a stress and cortisol response (adrenal stress, fatigue), excess ammonia (resulting in reduced cellular energy), hydrogen sulfide production (“brain fog”), and excitotoxicity (anxiety, sleeplessness, attention disorders).

Excess levels of sulfite and sulfate can be controlled via the diet through sulphur intake restriction and via supplementation. Many drugs contain sulfur, so these may be creating additional stress on your system if high levels of sulfite and sulfate exist.

Test strips results should be as low as possible. Sulfates should be under 800 mg/L.