Rosen Wellness LLC

Rosen Wellness LLC is owned and operated by Bernie and Susana Rosen in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

At Rosen Wellness we develop individualized food and supplement plans so you can feel your best and improve your health. We offer natural solutions to your health concerns to help you get your life back!


Our mission is to help you resolve your health issues by identifying the root cause and support your health through proper nutrition and lifestyle management. Because all our bodies are different, we enjoy tailoring the health and wellness plan to work specifically for you.  Together we work on a path to better your health for the rest of your life.

Rosen Wellness uses multiple techniques and information in developing your personal nutrition and supplement programs and we love working with clients of all ages.

Bernie Rosen has a PhD in Holistic Nutrition and uses muscle testing to find the root cause of your symptoms. It is his adaptation of Dr. Ulan’s Nutrition Response Testing, developed through his own personal experiences and extensive training with Dr. Joseph Teff and Dr. Davis Brockenshire.

There is nothing more rewarding than the muscle testing success stories: the Crohn’s disease that was, in reality, caused a parasite, the autoimmune liver disease which was also from a parasite, the rash that was from chemical toxicity, and the hormone imbalance that was due to corn sensitivity! These four are just a few examples of the daily findings that we see in our office. You can read about others on the Testimonials pages.

Susana Rosen is an RN and is the principal SHAPE ReClaimed practitioner.  She combines her nursing experience, empathetic nature, love of food and education background to provide a client-centered approach to nutrition. Susana believes that obtaining a healthy relationship with food is essential for long-lasting health and vitality. She truly thinks that SHAPE ReClaimed holds a space for everyone by being so individualized.

Whether you are suffering from digestive problems, living in a state of suboptimal health or struggling with getting rid of toxic fat please know that SHAPE ReClaimed is the program for you. We are here to help you rethink nutrition and discover a world of pleasurable eating and fun cooking. We will provide you with knowledge, useful resources, yummy recipes and all the help you will need at every step of the way. SHAPE is simple, easy and most importantly, effective.

More About the Rosens

Away from our practice we enjoy spending time together, with our children, going to the lake, listening to music, going to concerts, and traveling around the world when we can.

Together we have four children. Zach works in the social media department of a sports agency, Mollie is a biomedical engineer, Nathan is an accountant and Rafi is a software engineer.

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