Begin your nutritional healing

When you consult with Rosen Wellness, you’ll learn what happens in your body, not in a test tube: the importance of balancing your dietary consumption of protein, carbohydrates and fat: why we need protein throughout the day; the truth about carbohydrates and fat; and how we have been misled with false nutritional information from many “trusted” sources. And: why saturated fat is good for you in the right quantities, as are eggs; why eating fat does not necessarily make us fat, but too many grains will; why artificial sweeteners are poison; and that all calories are not created equal.

What to expect

The truth. And mutual respect. This is the foundation for learning and change. We’ll meet each other where we are and begin the journey there. You proceed at your own pace. Ultimately, your willingness to keep moving forward is the key to your success. If you’re not looking for change, then we’re not a good match.

I strongly believe the old saying: “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting the same results.” The most successful clients are those who change their ways – eating healthier, using targeted supplements, optimizing exercise and managing stress.

The Journey to your wellness begins here

The first step toward better health is a comprehensive evaluation of where you are now. The following forms help us to evaluate your current state of health. With this information, we can build a program that will lead you to greater health and well-being.