“It’s been over 4 years since Bernie discovered my corn sensitivity. Before I had visited Bernie, I had every medical test you could think of. I had many appointments with numerous doctors, blood tests, even a colonoscopy and endoscopy. All showed that I was perfectly “healthy”. I had been suffering from horrible headaches, fatigue, weight loss, pale/gray skin, rashes and horrible anxiety.  Once I took the corn derivatives out of my diet, I finally healed. I suffered for two years with these symptoms and spent so much time, energy and money on a search for diagnosis and cure.   

I wish I would have gone to Bernie before my exhausting journey, but I had a lesson to learn. I now like to help people gain knowledge from my experience. I recommend everyone who has health issues to get tested and learn what their body is sensitive to.  It’s amazing what a lifestyle and diet change can do for your life!” J.R. (muscle testing client)