Winter is just around the corner and with it the approaching cold and flu season. This newsletter and my next Open House on November 16 will focus on this topic. First, I will be covering a basic overview of the immune system. Second, I will be offering natural solutions for preventing and reversing auto-immune conditions. Third, I will be providing a list the go-to supplements for when you start to feel something coming on.

The next Open House “All About Immunity” will be November 16 at 7:00 PM. Please note that the Open House will be at my office; 10040 N. Port Washington Road in Mequon. There will be two main topics. First, we will look at the everyday functioning of the immune system and how our immune system handles acute events. Second, we will look at stealth pathogens. Sounds scary, perfect for Halloween! But this topic is very serious. Stealth pathogens include bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeasts, mold, parasites, and mycoplasmas that cause chronic infections and years of unexplained symptoms. A clue to when a stealth pathogen is involved is when the client says, “I’ve never been well since…” One of my colleagues, Kerry Bone captures the essence of it by calling it “NBWS.”

The Immune System: Basic Overview
The immune system is frequently used to describe one of the major systems of the body. There are different ways to look at its actual components. In some circles, the entire body is considered the immune system because everything influences immunity. In the wholistic approach, the whole body – the skin, digestion, hormones, circulation, etc. all play a role in keeping us healthy.

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Natural Solutions for Preventing and Reversing Auto Immune Conditions
Did you know the current list of autoimmune diseases is now over 150 and continues to grow? We can now say that there is an autoimmune epidemic underway in the United States. We all know at least one person who suffers from an autoimmune condition. In most cases they are offered little help from traditional medicine. The best case is to “manage” it to keep the symptoms as reduced as possible. There is never any mention of a possible reversal of the condition. Fortunately, many natural/holistic practitioners across the country are having success in preventing and reversing autoimmune conditions every day. I recently completed a six-week training called the Autoimmune Mastery Program with Dr. Michael Gaeta, one of the country’s leading natural health authorities. This course focused on this very topic – the prevention and reversal of autoimmune conditions.

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The Cold and Flu Season Awaits
Winter is just around the corner. With the colder weather comes the cold and flu season. As I have mentioned previously I recommend that all clients have on hand Congaplex Chewable and Andrographis Complex by Standard Process – a great way to boost your immune system when you feel something coming on. Take 1-2 Congaplex every hour and 1 Andrographis Complex every 4 hours while awake and usually in a day or two you will be feeling yourself again.

Please let me know if you need to stock up! Or better yet, get them for a special price at the Open House!

Top Quality Kosher Protein Bars

I am excited to announce that I have finally found a source for Kosher and top quality protein bars. Ironically, it was right under my nose for the past few years. For some reason I failed to realize that all the protein bars made by Designs for Health are Kosher, carrying the OU mark. These bars come in these great tasting flavors: Cherry, Chocolate Mint, Coconut, Coconut Almond, Double Dark Chocolate (Susana’s favorite), Mixed Berry, Vanilla Almond, Mocha (my favorite), Peanut Butter (Mollie’s favorite), Chocolate Almond, and Chocolate. You can order them through me or purchase direct from the following link: