The Importance of Continuing Education

I love to learn! It’s probably one of the most enjoyable aspects in my line of work. I am always learning. I have to, to keep up with the latest information. Be it from my clients, other practitioners, or at educational seminars – it is a continuous process. I’m always amazed how rapidly a new learning is applied in the office. I attend a seminar and as soon as I’m back a new or existing client presents with exactly what I just learned about!

As I mentioned last month my personal “Back to School” is now in session. Last month I attended Back to School for Doctors 2015 which focused on cardiovascular health (the title was Cardiovascular: Performance, Endurance, and Maintenance). See below for my report! And in a few weeks I’ll be heading to Santa Barbara to learn more about Physica Energetics products. This is a supplement line that I began to incorporate in my practice last January and have been seeing amazing results! I can hardly wait to learn more how I can help clients with these great products! More on that in next month’s newsletter.

As the Autumn settles in it is a great time to do your own personal “fall cleanse.” There are still plenty of fresh vegetables available to nourish yourself with. The following two articles highlight the key vitamins and minerals from vegetables. If you’re interested in doing a cleanse in October please e-mail or call. If you mention my newsletter there may even be an unadvertised special!!
Part 1:
Part 2:

One last item, I apologize if anyone is having difficulty navigating my WordPress blog. I had a major issue last month. I ran an update per instructions from WordPress and my blog vanished! Apparently the theme I was using was no longer compatible with the new version of WordPress. Luckily I have maintained a duplicate blog and I was able to copy articles from Blogger. As of now, the content has been restored. However I am still in the process of fixing all the links! It is quite the project and unfortunately it is not the top priority.

Cardiovascular Health: It’s All About Rate, Rhythm, and Tone

All the new information I learned at the Back to School for Doctors 2015 seminar is still circulating (pun intended) through my system! Mark Anderson presented a lot of great material. I’ll be writing a series of articles over the next few months. Here’s a few of the highlights – more in depth articles to come.

One of the key elements to cardiovascular health is vascular integrity, particularly the tiny capillaries. Leaky blood vessels (from damage to the vessels) lead to clotting and that leads to strokes. Rutin, part of the Vitamin C complex (note the complex, not ascorbic acid as found in most supplements) is a critical nutrient as it has been found to prevent capillary damage, protect against strokes, break up blood clots, prevent protein degeneration, and even protect against X-rays. While some Harvard researchers claimed credit for discovering this in 2012, it is well documented in writings from 1947! I’ll have future articles with more details on this topic.
For a refresher on how vitamin C and ascorbic acid are not the same (vitamin complexes versus synthetic vitamins) click here:

Rate, rhythm, and tone are the key measurements of heart health. The rate of the heart beating is influenced by the autonomic nervous system and two key minerals: potassium and phosphorus; while the rhythm is impacted by calcium. This too will be detailed in a future article.

Tone is influenced by our old friend Vitamin B4. This is the vitamin you never heard of because there is no synthetic version. It always appears in nature with Vitamin B1. The B1/B4 combination helps keep the heart strong (tone) and converts chemical energy into electrical energy working with calcium for keeping up the heart’s rhythm. For a refresher on B4 click here:

There’s lots more to come….
Have a healthy month,