Do you believe it is September already? The summer (as it always does) seemed to fly by. These last few weeks especially – I was on a road trip to four baseball games in five nights with Zach (Baltimore, Washington, and New York) and just got back from a wedding in Philadelphia. Why am I telling you all this? Well, as much as you can try, I have to admit, it is a challenge to eat well under these circumstances.

So – it is time for a fall cleanse – the Standard Process Purification Program. I’ve got three weeks between now and a soccer trip to Phoenix with Mollie to clean up the toxins! I’d love to have “company” on the cleanse, so I have a special offer for you. YOU CAN SAVE $20 IF YOU JOIN ME. Let me know this week that you will join me this month and pick up your kit by next Tuesday and save the $20. I already have a few people joining me, so you are welcome too! For more information on the cleanse click here


I have another important and exciting announcement. Come October 1 I am consolidating my two offices into one new beautiful space in Mequon. My new address will be 10040 N. Port Washington Road with easy access off both the Port Washington Road and Mequon Road exits off I-43. Phone numbers and e-mails will remain the same.

I will be part of the Well Body Wellness Center sharing office space with several fantastic practitioners. We have acupuncture, massage, skin care, and life coaching. More to come next month on the new location.


Yes, it is that time of year. It is even more special this year as Zach starts his Freshman year at UW-Madison. Classes started today. Looks like the partying started last weekend! Mollie starts her Junior year at Homestead. They have a real unusual schedule. They now have lunch period at 10:09! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Don’t know who thought that was a good idea. That makes healthy snacking ideas even more important.

In the spirit of “back to school” I thought I’d offer a few thoughts on nutrition for kids. (Of course this advice applies to adults as well.) In all honesty, it is probably the most challenging aspect of my private client practice. While it can be difficult to get adults to eat healthier, kids can be even more so.

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