Learn Muscle Testing

We are excited to announce our new muscle testing training program. Whether you are a current practitioner or brand new to muscle testing we have an individualized program for you.

This is training the old fashioned way, one-to-one. You will learn the theory and techniques either in my office or yours and we will use real cases. Call it an apprenticeship. Throughout the training I will be available for your questions.

You can search the web and find a variety of information about the different muscle testing techniques. Why choose Rosen Wellness? Simple – our proven track record of client success stories. You can read them all in the Testimonials section of the website.

The training has three levels:

Level 1: Introduction to Basics – for the beginner

Level 2: Basics Proficiency

Level 3: Master Practitioner

The training can be done at your office or at Rosen Wellness.  For a summary of each training Level and costs click here: Muscle Testing Training Product Sheet PDF

If you are new to muscle testing the training is a great way to start or enhance your current holistic health practice.

If you currently do muscle testing the training is a great way to learn new techniques and improve your client results. We all have had difficult cases. The techniques you learn in the Level 3 of the training will likely resolve these challenging cases.

My Muscle Testing Background and Training

I have been fortunate to learn from some of the top muscle testers in the country. My roots are with Dr. Ulan’s Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). I took the Introduction workshop in 2011 and the Intermediate and Building Your Million Dollar Practice trainings in 2012. For more information about Dr. Ulan and NRT click here: https://unsinc.info/

In 2014 I began my Advanced Training with Dr. Joseph Teff (now retired), a long time NRT practitioner and trainer. My practice is based on what I learned from Dr. Teff.  I have enhanced his teachings through trainings with Dr. Stuart White and Dr. Chad Guess (Systems Strength Analysis – SSA) in 2014 and with Dr. Davis Brockenshire since 2015. You can learn more about Dr. Brockenshire at https://www.innovativehealthdrs.com/