Employee and Group Wellness

Bernard Rosen, founder of Rosen Wellness, is a former senior executive. He understands the bottom line and the need for results.

There’s a pretty simple formula: healthy employees are more productive employees. They feel better about themselves and have higher levels of job satisfaction, leading to greater customer satisfaction, leading to a more profitable company. A more profitable company has more money for raises which keeps employees happy.

Many companies have formed their own Wellness Committees and have ongoing Wellness Programs. However, one key aspect is missing: face-to-face, on-site nutrition education.

Programs for Groups In or Out of the Corporate Setting

Lunchtime Learning

Nutrition and lifestyle group discussions designed to present information to guide participants towards healthier lifestyle choices. Informal discussion, relaxed setting, comfortable learning.

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

A sample of programs available for either Lunchtime Learning Discussions or Health Awareness Days:

  • Nutrition Basics
  • Strategies for Weight Loss
  • Guide to a Healthy Day of Eating
  • Ten Foods to Have in Your Healthy Diet
  • Ten More Foods to Have in Your Healthy Diet
  • Energize Your Life: Forty Energy Boosters
  • Food Shopping Made Healthy and Easy
  • Meet Your Hormones
  • My Tummy Hurts – Causes and Solutions for Acid Reflux
  • The Joy of Relaxation: Everyday Stress Reduction
  • Cleaning Up Your Body –Detoxification Explained
  • Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer: What You Can Do Now to Reduce Your Risk
  • Your Weight and Your Health (3 part class)
    • Session I: Health Risks Associated With Being Overweight
    • Session II: How We Become Overweight
    • Session III: How to Eat Healthy For a Lifetime

For program descriptions, click here: Healthy Lifestyle Programs