Happy Holidays – Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

May your holiday season be happy and merry. There’s those words again – happy and merry – these are not only words, but feelings! The holidays bring up all kinds of feelings – happiness, sadness, thanks, renewal, etc. Sometimes we get out of balance and we feel scared, depressed or anxious. You may ask, what do feelings have to do with nutrition. The answer is everything! It is important for us to stay balanced, and nutrition is the key to that. One aspect in particular – we need to eat sufficient protein. Why? Protein has many functions in the body, the one related to feelings is the manufacturing of neurotransmitters. See the article below.

The second article below offers some hints on how to survive the holiday season. Yes, it is the time of over-eating and indulgence! Enjoy! But remember January will soon enough roll around. That’s when you and your loved ones may seek out nutritional support. Well – I’ve got a great idea for you – prepare now! Nutrition consulting gift certificates make a great idea. Call or e-mail and I can fill you in.

Since it is the holiday season I have a special gift to offer. I continue to be amazed by the results and finding from nutrition response testing. If you’d like to see for yourself I’m offering free NRT introductory sessions for the week of December 19. Call or e-mail for an appointment. To read more about NRT click here: https://brwellness.com/docs/2011-Nutrition-Response-Testing.pdf

One last quick note – the 500 Hour YogaOne Vinyasa Teacher Training program begins in January. We are excited to offer this in-depth yoga training with co-directors, Meg Galarza and Bernie Rosen, as well as welcoming internationally recognized master teachers: Nicolai Bachman; James Bailey; David Keil; Simon Park; and Rolf Sovik . For more details click here: http://www.yogaonestudio.com/pages/training500.html

What Makes You Feel Good – Sugar or Protein?

Ever wonder what really makes you feel good? Many people will answer “sugar” because they notice the “high” as sugar is flowing into their blood stream and giving them energy. Of course, we all know what follows – the “low” as the sugar runs out and we crave more sugar to feel good again. As you may have guessed, the correct answer is protein. It makes you feel good for the long haul. Why is this? Because protein is the structural basis for our body – our muscles, organs, glands, nails, hair, vital fluids (blood, hormones, neurotransmitters) and enzymes are all protein based. For the rest of the article click here: http://brwellness.blogspot.com/2011/11/what-makes-you-feel-good-sugar-or.html

Surviving the Holidays

Uh oh – the holidays are here. Here are some ideas on how to stay fit and healthy.