I hope everyone caught my April Fool’s newsletter headline from last month! I know I got a few of you!!!
This month I’m continuing the theme from last month with three more nutrition myths busted!
Hope you enjoy.

Nutrition Myths Busted – Part 2

Here’s the continuation from last month’s look at the seven nutrition myths that I come across on a daily basis. Most of them are unfortunately still widely accepted in the mainstream medical and media worlds (and some even in the “alternative” medical world). Most of these topics I’ve written about. Since this is a newsletter and not a book I will cover each one briefly and then provide links for your further reading. For your convenience I’ve kept the links from last month.

1. All calories are created equal. https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=92

2. Cholesterol causes heart disease. https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=279. Website: http://www.ravnskov.nu/cholesterol/

3. Artificial sweeteners are safe. https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=251. Website: http://www.janethull.com/

4. Soy is a health food. https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=243. Weston Price Foundation website: http://www.westonaprice.org/soy-alert/

5. Eating animal protein causes cancer (The China Study).
This is one of my favorites as it illustrates the use of selected data to support a point of view while completely ignoring other findings from the same study. For all the details click here: https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=89. In addition to getting adequate protein, vegetarians and especially vegans may be at risk for other nutritional deficiencies as well. This article highlights those: https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=87.

6. Antioxidants are essential nutrients.
This is quite simple. An antioxidant is not a nutrient. It protects the nutrients in plants. So, yes, blueberries are high in antioxidants, but they are high in nutrients and that is what is important! To better understand the subject click here: https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=84.

7. There is no way to reverse Type II diabetes.
Type II Diabetes is about lifestyle or as I like to say TMS (too much sugar). Cut the carbohydrates to 30 per day, that gets the blood sugars back in balance, and no more diabetes. I noticed I haven’t written a specific article on this in the past, but in researching I did come across a few of my rants against the American Diabetes Association and their magazine Diabetes Forecast. For your enjoyment you can click on the following links: https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=252, https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=245, https://brwellness.com/nutrition-news/?p=157. If you know someone with diabetes an excellent book is by Dr. Richard Bernstein called The Diabetes Solution. He also has an excellent and informative web site. Even more so for those with Type I Diabetes. Here’s that web site: http://www.diabetes-book.com/.