The following is from my friend Vanessa Teff’s newsletter from September. She did an excellent job of summarizing the situation, so no need for me to reinvent the wheel!

There is another great article in the Weston Price Wise Traditions journal which is not yet available to the public. When it is, I will include it in a newsletter with a link.



Eeeeek! The latest “health” craze is once again, CRAZY! If you’re looking to lose weight & stay healthy, stay clear of these injections.

I don’t often touch upon trends & fads. They seem to go just as quickly as they come. However, we have been inundated with questions on the semaglutide injections for weight loss. I’m shocked at how often it is being prescribed by your medical physicians!

  • They work by slowing the stomach from emptying. This of course makes you not want to eat as you “feel full” but it also creates digestive issues. If food sits in the stomach too long it begins to ferment, creating acid (think heartburn).
  • With the food sitting in your stomach, there’s a decreased absorption of nutrients. Don’t think you can supplement this problem away!
  • These shots increase the risk of something called gastroparesis (i.e. stomach paralysis). “Endoscopies would show their stomachs full of days-old food, which is unusual since typically less than 10% of food consumed is left in the stomach four hours after a meal…”
  • A majority of the weight returns when you stop the injections. Ugh! So why start?

If you want to read more and dive into the research, Chris Wark has done a great job summarizing.

If you’re truly looking to lose weight, slow down for a minute.

  • Are you eating correctly for your body? Be honest.
  • Are you exercising with weights regularly?
  • Are you getting quality sleep?

If not, start there. If you’ve done all that and there’s no change, then there may be another reason holding things up (hormones, adrenal fatigue, or stress). If that’s the case, then try Shape ReClaimed. I promise if you put in the work and truly recalibrate your weight set point you’ll not only be happier but you’ll also be healthier long-term.