What is Muscle Testing?

  • Would you like to learn the root cause of an underlying health concern?
  • Are you taking many supplements and not sure if you need them all?
  • Do you suspect you have underlying food sensitivities?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then muscle testing is for you.

Muscle testing is a non-invasive technique to analyze the body and determine the root causes of non-optimal health. It was developed in 1964 by a chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart who called it AK or Applied Kinesiology. Other popular techniques include Dr. Dick Versendaal’s CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis®) and Dr. Freddie Ulan’s NRT (Nutrition Response Testing®).

I am trained in NRT.

To do muscle testing effectively you need to have a system in place, understand what you are testing,and most importantly understand what the results mean.

Many people will “muscle test” as a random. event to determine if something is “good” for them at that moment. This is very different than a comprehensive muscle testing system such as NRT.

There are two parts to the Nutrition Response Testing® system: the analysis and the individual program design.

During the analysis, a variety of reflex points on the body are tested to identify and prioritize what the person needs. Each organ has a reflex point (dermatome) on the skin’s surface that is connected by the nervous system to that specific organ. Energy flows through the nervous system from the dermatome to the organ unless it is disrupted by internal or external forces.

The application of slight pressure to the reflex point during muscle testing can create an ischemic reaction which causes the arm to weaken. The skilled practitioner interprets the strong and weak arm readings to determine areas of weakness, the stressors causing the weakness, and the nutrition required
to strengthen the body. With this information an individualized program is developed with supplements designed to match the needs of the body.

Who typically comes to be muscle tested?

People with one or more health conditions that do not seem to go away. They have visited other practitioners and not got the results they were hoping for or expected, and they realize the conditions will not get better until you get to the source of the problem and correct it.

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