It’s that time of year – back to school. Most of the college age kids are back and I’m officially an empty nester. Zach is back at Madison starting his Junior year (that’s hard to believe – already half way done!) and Mollie is in Boston starting her Freshman year. As I wrote last month I started my “back to school” in August with the trainings that I highlighted in my Special Edition newsletter a couple of weeks ago.

My “back to school” continues later this month when I head out to Denver for Back to School for Doctors. This is an annual event. It is my first time going, but I have listened to the recordings from several years and I’m truly excited to attend.

“Back to School” is really for everyone. In school we learn and as we learn we grow. And isn’t that what it is all about? Continuing our growth as productive and healthy humans. What better way to grow than to determine what your body needs on a nutritional level to support your mental and emotional growth.

Also, don’t forget about THE CLEANSE!! As we move towards the Fall season this is an excellent time to do the purification program. There is still a nice supply of fresh vegetables available. I still have a few of the books left from my earlier special, so if you decide to do a cleanse and haven’t yet received a book there is a free one waiting for you!

Experience The Power of Muscle Testing For Yourself

My Special Edition newsletter detailed my experience with Master muscle tester Dr. Joe Teff. From these experiences I realized that muscle testing is important for all my clients and I now have the tools to do it beyond my previous knowledge level. In short that is why I am the most excited I’ve ever been about my nutrition practice. I am eager to share it with my current and future clients and help them improve their health and quality of life.

For those who missed it, here’s a link to the Special Edition Newsletter:

My five clients who participated in the training session were all amazed and excited by their experience as well. These insights have continued the past two weeks as I have muscle tested additional clients. What we are learning is truly astounding!

I encourage you to come in for a test. For existing clients it takes about a half hour. So far I’m finding slight changes in supplement protocols and often the need for fewer supplements – I think that’s something everyone likes to hear – as that saves money!

Here’s a link that describes the testing methodology I learned:

Healthy Kids: Back to School Ideas

In the spirit of “back to school” here are a few ideas on nutrition for kids. (Of course this information is good for adults too!) Nutrition for kids is the most challenging aspects I face when working with clients. While it is hard enough to get adults to eat healthier, kids are often a greater challenge.

The food producers and manufacturers have developed special foods that they call “kid’s food”. If you take the time to read the list of ingredients you will find that most of it is not food and should not be consumed by anyone, particularly our children. Our children are growing and need the healthiest foods available to properly fuel their minds and bodies.

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The General Health Daily Fundamental Packet Makes it Easy for Your Kids at College and Significant Others

Earlier I mentioned both my kids are away at school. While they both attempt to eat healthy, it can be quite the challenge! To make sure they get daily basic nutrients, they are equipped with a supply of the General Health Daily Fundamental packets from Standard Process.

Each packet contains a multivitamin, a multimineral, and fish oil – the basic fundamental nutrients that we all need on a daily basis. These packets are also great for our significant others (usually that means the boyfriends and husbands) who find it difficult to manage multiple vitamin bottles (we can also call this too lazy!!).

To read more about the products click here:

Get to the Heart of the Matter – September Specials at Direct Labs

Looks like this month’s specials at Direct Labs are the heart health tests. I often talk about the importance of particle size of the LDL rather than the total amount. The NMR Lipid Profile test on sale this month is the test that provides that information. To view all the specials click here: