We mentioned in an earlier email about the heat we have experienced since moving to Idaho. Well it has continued and we are expecting over 100 again this weekend! We talked about healthier sun protection using 3rd Rock Sunblock and now we would like to introduce you to ODORBlock™ – a healthier option than conventional deodorants and keeps you smelling fresh in the heat! And you can take our word as this comes from our personal experience with ODORBlock™.

Here are five reasons from 3rd Rock on why you should switch to ODORBlock™

1) It fights body odor as well as conventional brand deodorants.

2) It is toxin-free and made with chelated silver oxide formula. There are no toxins or bad stuff to get into your body via transdermal delivery (through your skin and into your inner body systems).

3) It is free of other these potentially harmful ingredients: aluminum, talc, parabens, and fragrances found in conventional products.

4) Invisible “protect-orant” (see what they did there?) protect and deodorize! No white streaks on clothing.

5) It is good for you AND the planet! It is never tested on animals. ODORBlock™ contains these natural ingredients: distilled water, usp Kosher vegetable glycerin, organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) oil, organic inner filet of whole leaf aloe barbadensis Miller, chelated silver oxide.

At 3rdRock Essentials they believe that if you would not put it in your mouth, you should not put it on your body. That is why they source only ​​​​​​​the best ingredients from natural origins made in USA.

To learn more about 3rd Rock Essentials ODORBlock™ and other products click here: 3rd Rock Essentials

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All our best,

Bernie and Susana