You have several choices for ordering supplements. You can order through us by calling, emailing, or texting – just like today. If you need supplements from several companies this is likely your best bet. Due to the transition we will probably not be able to fulfill orders until June 10. So if you need product in a shorter time frame please order through the website.
The website has three store links – one for Standard Process, one for Designs for Health, and one to Kaerwell which includes Biotics, Marco Pharma, Physica, QuickSilver, SHAPE ReClaimed, and Systemic Formulas. Please note UniKey, 3rd Planet, and Focal Evolve cannot be ordered from the website at this time. You will have to contact us for those products.
To order Standard Process products click here: Standard Process
The first time you order you will need to set up an account.
To order Designs for Health products click here: Designs for Health
The first time you order you will need to set up an account.
To order Biotics, MarcoPharma, Physica, QuickSilver Scientific, SHAPE ReClaimed, and Systemic Formulas click here: Kaerwell
The first time you use Kaerwell you will need my practitioner access code which is: rosen. They offer FREE shipping and $5 off your first order over $100 at checkout using voucher code: Rosen. For ordering questions with Kaerwell please call: 888.301.9009 or email:
If you are unsure what is the best way for you to order please call Bernie (414-331-8796) and we can figure it out.
All the information related to our relocation is available here: Relocation Information
All the supplement links are found at All Supplement Links