Kefir is a fermented food made from milk. It is rich in beneficial yeast and bacteria. These friendly micro-organisms play an important role in our digestion, help balance our “inner ecosystem” and are useful in building immunity or regaining health. Kefir contains minerals and essential amino acids including: tryptophan (relaxing effect on nervous system), vitamin B12, vitamin B1, and vitamin K. It has a tart taste, similar to drinking yogurt.

Without sufficient friendly bacteria and yeast (also called “flora”), the “unfriendly” ones take over our system causing poor digestion and limiting our absorption of nutrients. This leads to nutrient deficiencies and is expressed through a variety of symptoms including headaches, depression, skin rashes, food allergies, joint and muscle pain, menstrual irregularities, digestive problems, environmental sensitivities, and other immune related disorders.

Kefir is different from yogurt in that it contains beneficial yeast and bacteria. Yogurt contains only beneficial bacteria.

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