We’ve all been told to increase our consumption of Omega 3 essential fatty acids (found in fish oil). These are EPA and DHA which are beneficial to the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. They are important for normal growth of our blood vessels and nerves. Omega 3’s have been found to decrease blood clotting, lower triglyceride levels, decrease blood pressure, and reduce inflammation in the body.

Another important essential fatty acid is the Omega 6. Most nutritionists believe we should consume these oils in a 2:1 or so ration of Omega 6’s to Omega 3’s. However, the typical American consumes them in a ratio of anywhere from 20:1 to 50:1. Clearly we are getting too many Omega 6’s.

One of the best sources of Omega 3’s are fish from cold water, particularly salmon. However, this salmon has to be wild, not farm raised. When raised on a farm, the fish do not eat the same diet as in the wild. While it will be stated that farm raised salmon is a good source of Omega 3’s, which is true, it is contains a significant amount of Omega 6’s. Therefore, when we eat it, we are not doing anything to improve our Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio. In addition, farm raised salmon is naturally grey in color. How come it looks pink in the store? It is injected with a pink food dye.

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