We are very excited to announce lots of new!! New products that we are now carrying in the office, new products from Designs for Health, a new book coming from one of our favorite authors, a new sale from Direct Labs and best of all – new equipment and health technologies to analyze your health!!

There is lots of great information in this newsletter. We promise there is something of interest for everyone, so please read it entirely.

We are now carrying three new product lines – Quicksilver Scientific, 3rd Planet, and Focal Evolve. Quicksilver. We are already seeing great results with many clients from the PushCatch Liver Detoxification Program from Quicksilver. I am also personally very pleased with their Professional Grade Melatonin. It is the first Melatonin that has helped me sleep! The 3rd Planet MycoRev line and the Focal Evolve probiotics (featured last month – remember the probiotic that helps you lose weight!) are also being used with excellent results with many clients. For more information on these new product lines see below.

Designs for Health has introduced a new line of healthy chocolates called FX. There are seven varieties mixing the pleasure and taste of chocolate with the benefits of specific nutritional supplements. How can you go wrong with these names: Defend, Dream, Exhale, Focus, Superfood, Thrive and Zen. To learn more about the FX chocolates and order your own supply click here: DFH Chocolates

Coming this May is the latest and greatest from Ann Louise Gittleman – Radical Longevity: The Powerful Plan to Sharpen Your Brain, Strengthen Your Body, and Reverse the Symptoms of Aging. We have been fortunate to receive an advanced copy and it is awesome! Packed with valuable information on how to live longer and most importantly healthier! See below for more information. See below for more information.

This month’s specials at Direct Labs are well worth it. The Women’s Health Check and Men’s Health Check are just $99. These are a combination of the Comprehensive Wellness Profile (CWP), urinalysis, C-Reactive Protein (CRD, hs), and estradiol for women and PSA for men. To learn more or order your test click here: Direct Labs

Meet the Avatar! We are excited to be bringing a new form of bioenergetic testing to the office – EAV/ electrodermal screening. Electrodermal screening uses an electronic device (the Avatar) to measure the electrical resistance at numerous points on the body. It measures the electrical current moving through the acupuncture meridians and as such gives information about the bioenergetics of the body. This allows the identification of areas for nutritional support! Read below to learn more about EAV testing and the Avatar!

And, the last announcement: we are extending our Spread the Good Word review contest for two more weeks so you still have an opportunity to enter! The contest was outlined in last month’s newsletter. You can review the rules here: Contest Entry Rules. We encourage you to enter!



New Product Lines

Quicksilver Scientific® is a leading manufacturer of advanced nutritional systems with a focus on detoxification. They specialize in creating products with a highly absorbable, liposomal delivery system Quicksilver supplements support the body in the elimination of a broad range of toxins, helping to restore the full expression health. To learn more about Quicksilver click here: Quicksilver Scientific

Founded with a visionary spirit and an ambitious goal, 3rd Planet™ believes health should be approachable and affordable. By formulating in-house and engaging with practitioners directly, 3rd Planet™ is able to create nutritional supplements with unique combinations of ingredients not currently on the market When developing 3rd Planet™ formulas, we apply modern scientific rigor without diluting the life energy of our ingredients, preserving their potency. To learn more about 3rd Planet click here: 3rd Planet

Focal Evolve currently offers a line of dietary supplement formulas in an expansive range of wellness categories, including detox, gastrointestinal support, bone health, brain support and immune health. High quality clinical research drives the purpose behind the Focal Evolve brand. Focal Evolve supplements are excellent when designing a protocol for a patient with very specific food sensitivities or extreme nutritional needs due to an advanced disease state. To learn more about Focal Evolve click here: Focal Evolve


Radical Longevity

Welcome to a Radical new view of aging – one that defies conventional wisdom and redefines the aging process with resilience, vitality and grace. You’ll discover the most advanced program that staves off the effects of aging, which includes how to release a lifetime of accumulated toxins and deficiencies—and how to correct and reverse their effects with targeted foods, critical lifestyle tweaks, peptides and signaling molecules for cellular regeneration.

With her trademark no-nonsense style, Ann Louise Gittleman champions a paradigm shift in which your biology is not your biography. By utilizing epigenetics to slow and reverse many of the most worrisome aging conditions, you can preserve your “youth span” and enhance your immunity, heart, brain, muscles, joints, skin, and hair. You can even revitalize your sex drive!

For more information click here: amazon.com link or here Publishers Link


EAV/Electrodermal Screening

Electrodermal screening uses electronic devices to measure the electrical resistance at numerous points on the body. This technology is not an instrument used to diagnose disease. It does however measure the electrical current moving through the acupuncture meridians and as such gives information about the bioenergetics of the body. It is an instrument of physics, not chemistry.

We will be getting trained on the device later this month. After our training we will be offering free sessions with the EAV in late March and early April. Watch for the announcement so you can schedule your free session.

To learn more about this technology click here: EAV/Electrodermal Screening Info

The Avatar is an EAV device made by Veradyne in the USA. To read more about it click here: Veradybe. If you would like to learn more about the theory behind it click here: Avatar.