It is the month of love and that is the theme of this newsletter.

We are sure you are going to love the article about probiotics. Are they really good for you? Yes, they are – if they are the strains your body needs. We encourage you to read the full article because at the end there is more information that you will love – there is a strain of probiotics that helps you lose weight without changing any habits!

A great way to share the love is to let others know about your health success stories. From losing weight and feeling better on the SHAPE ReClaimed program to rashes going away to digestive problems resolved to health issues going away – we would love for you to write a review and win a prize! Our February contest is detailed below.

We are sure you will love the Natures Frequencies Flash Sale. One of our most popular items is the Food Freshness Card. You will love how your food stays fresh longer!

And, as long as we are talking about love – what is your favorite song with “love” in the title. Let us know and we will put you in a drawing for a Food Freshness Card.

Hype or Not? Are Probiotics Really Good for You?

Probiotics. Are they actually good for you or is this just a marketing hype? We get this question almost every day from our clients. Many of our clients have tried probiotics and do not notice any difference, so they wonder what is true about them. There are so many claims, but where is the proof that they are really effective?

Let us cut to the chase. Yes, we believe probiotics are good for you. However, like with most nutritional supplements, all probiotics are not created equal. There are two significant factors to consider. First, overall quality varies by manufacturer. How they are prepared, packaged, stored, and consumed all affects quality. Second, probiotics is plural. There are many different strains. Each of us has our own personal colony, established early in life, and then impacted by our lifestyle. While you may need more Lactobacillus your significant other may need more Bifidobacterium. And, if you remember your basic biology, there are genus, species, and subspecies. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are at the genus level and there are many species and even more subspecies!

For the rest of the article click here: Hype or Not: Are Probiotics Good For You?

Contest Reminder!!! – Write A Review and Win A Prize!!!

A quick reminder about our contest – Write a Review and Win a Prize!!

We greatly appreciate your referrals to your friends and families. That is the lifeblood of our practice. However, there are many people out there who are exploring nutrition and holistic health care for the first time. They do not know who to ask nor where to go, so they search Google or other social media sites. Once they narrow down their list reviews help them choose who they will call.

We would like to increase the number of reviews of Rosen Wellness on Google and other social media sites. For this we need your help! And we have prizes to be awarded!

The contest will run from now through the end of February. Here are the rules: Complete a review let us know where it is so we can verify it. Please do not use the words “treat” or “prescribe.” You will receive one entry for each review. The most important site is Google.

Here are the fabulous prizes:

GRAND PRIZE – 20% off a supplement purchase

SECOND PRIZE – Choice of Standard Process or Designs for Health gift bag.

THIRD PRIZE – Remaining Standard Process or Designs for Health gift bag.


The Standard Process gift bag includes the top selling Turmeric Forte, a shaker bottle, protein shake sample packets, immune system support packets, and several other treats!

The Designs for Health gift bag includes their new roll-on CDB oil product, Keto bars, Keto protein shake mix sample packets, and several other treats!


Natures Frequencies FLASH SALE

Many of you have purchased the Food Freshness Cards and have remarked how you notice the difference it makes in keeping your fresh foods fresher longer.

While supplies last!

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