The inspiration for this month’s newsletter comes from two client experiences this past month which illustrate the importance of details when we face health challenges.

The first example is a client with a sensitivity to corn. I have had several clients with corn sensitivities in the past and with each one I learn more about the subtleties of this condition. It is very difficult to completely prevent corn from entering your body because it is hidden in different forms and derivatives in many foods, drinks, and consumer products. Note the terminology “entering your body” as opposed to “removing corn from your diet” because of its inclusion in consumer products such as toothpaste or deodorant.  In most cases it can be identified on product labels, but in other instances (such as alcoholic beverages) it is not required to be on the label due to various labeling laws.

The second example is a client with sensitivity to EMFs. I have devoted several recent articles and newsletters to the dangers of EMFs and the latest technology of 5G. This client’s experience indicates the impact EMF exposure can have when one is already health challenged.

I hope you find these two articles interesting and informative.

Corn: The Less Well Known Just as Serious Food Sensitivity

When you hear that someone has a food allergy or sensitivity what comes first to your mind? If you are like most people it is gluten, wheat, or perhaps dairy. Yet to many people, corn is equally problematic for two reasons – first, it is less known so not considered, and second, it generally acts more subtly.

I have several clients with corn sensitivities, and it is always a similar story – strange symptoms which no one can figure out, which go away when corn is completely removed from the diet. However, completely removing corn is a major challenge. My client correctly states that “corn is in everything.” Not only food and drinks, but consumer items such as toothpaste and deodorant.

I have a list that I provide for my clients of products that contain corn. Including: corn starch, corn syrup, corn meal, glucose, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, maltose, dextrins, cyclodextrins, maltodextrin, emulsifiers, lecithin, citric acid, lactic acid, sorbitol, mannitol, xantham gum, modified and unmodified starches, MSG, ethanol, and organic acids used in plastic.

Recently I have learned some more places where corn is hidden thanks to this recent correspondence from a client with a corn sensitivity:

“I just had a full circle/ ah HA moment and wanted to share with you… with the help of your guidance and knowledge (and internet) I came to realize Tito’s vodka, is 100% made of corn. I had 2 drinks this past weekend with Tito’s vodka, and have had some face issues. Nothing major just wasn’t as good as it was.”

To read the rest of the article click here: Corn Food Sensitivity.

Are EMFs Overloading Your System?

With the introduction of the new 5G technology, the safety of EMFs particularly as related to wireless and cell phone technology, is once again making headline news across the natural health media and even the main stream media. The wireless industry is encountering stiff resistance from local groups requesting that their local governments do not allow 5G installation until there are studies supporting safety. We are seeing many smaller towns and cities across the US, Europe, and throughout the world where these protests are taking place. Some municipalities are removing the WIFI from their schools. Earlier this month, the city of Brussels became the first major city to put a halt to the deployment of 5G.

For more information on this click here: Brussels Times Article or here: World Health Net Article.

I would like to share a real-life client experience that occurred this past month. A client came in for a follow up appointment a couple of weeks ago. She reported that since her last appointment she noticed that she was not feeling well and had trouble sleeping. Like other clients, she concluded that it must be the new supplement causing the problem.

Under these circumstances during the muscle testing process I make sure to check if something new is present. And sure enough it was! For the first time ever with this client her body was suggesting EMF interference. Since it had never come up before I was a little surprised. So, I hesitatingly asked, “Has your exposure to EMFs increased recently?”

Her response, “Funny you should mention that. We recently put a new smart TV in the bedroom.” I asked, “When was that?”. The reply, “Right after my last appointment.” “Well, that is likely your problem,” I responded.

To read the rest of the article click here: Are EMFs Overloading Your System.

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