Throughout the past few months, we have continuously stressed the importance of supporting the immune system through supplementation and proper diet. With colder weather already here and cases on the rise in Wisconsin (and perhaps where you are as well) we are now recommending that everyone take Vitamin D. This is the first time we have ever made a statement that everybody should be taking a specific supplement. You can read below why we are making this universal recommendation.

We are always amazed at what we learn from muscle testing. Sometimes the results are quite surprising to the client – they just do not seem to make sense or fit what they recall about their personal health history. And then, someone offers some new information and it all makes sense. Read about a recent case below in the Magic of Muscle Testing!

We love the SHAPE program. Yes, we talk about it every month – for a good reason – it is the best detoxifying, inflammation reducing, immune system supporting, and weight loss program out there. Think about it – you can support your immune system (so critical during the pandemic) and lose weight at the same time!! Read below another SHAPE success story.

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Everyone Should be Taking Vitamin D

We are strong believers in using muscle testing to create an individualized nutritional supplement program for each client. However, in these days of the pandemic there are several indisputable facts.

First, it has been found that Vitamin D can protect cells from certain viruses, including the coronavirus. There is an enzyme called ACE 2 (Angiotensin converting enzyme 2) that attaches to the outer surface of cells in the lungs, arteries, heart, kidney, and intestines. Apparently, ACE2 serves as the entry point into cells for some viruses. Vitamin D blocks or fills the receptor sites of the ACE2 so the virus cannot get into the cell.

Second, most people are Vitamin D deficient. Experts believe that we should have 80-100 ng/mL of Vitamin D in our blood.

Third, there are many reports surfacing showing correlations between Vitamin D levels and COVID-19 experiences. Here is an example: COVID Patients Vitamin D

As the winter approaches, we have fewer opportunities to gather the Sunshine Vitamin (D) the natural way. So, if you are not currently taking Vitamin D we strongly encourage you start. Especially now. With the weather turning colder and COVID and flu cases on the rise here in Wisconsin we suggest you invest in your health and consider the other immune system supporting supplements we have previously presented.

For more information or to discuss options for you and your family call, email, or text Bernie. The email is Call or text to 414-331-8796.

Even Dr. Fauci says he takes Vitamin D (along with Vitamin C)!

The Magic of Muscle Testing

One of the reasons we enjoy muscle testing is that you never know what you are going to discover. Each new client is a mystery to be solved. Sometimes we find what we are expecting, other times there is a case like follows:

Last month a new client, a 22-year old female, presented with asthma, digestive and skin issues. The muscle testing revealed a corn sensitivity (this classifies as a result we might expect) and a mold exposure (not a typical finding). Since some of her issues were more recent and there was the reading of mold exposure the next logical question is to determine if there was a recent associated change of residence as the source of the exposure. The client replied that she had lived in the same house all her life. This was a bit puzzling, but the next day we received the following e-mail that illustrates the “magic” of muscle testing:

Hi Bernie,

I just wanted to send you a quick note about my daughter, L. She said she met with you last night and you talked to her about her asthma, her lungs and mold exposure. I know she didn’t put it on her intake form because she wouldn’t remember, but when she was a brand-new baby until the age of about 3 months, she was exposed to black mold. We lived on the 1st floor of an apartment building and our apartment was right next to the basement stairs. The basement was poorly lit and there was always a smell of mold and musty but we never thought anything of it until after L was born and after we brought her home she kept having breathing issues that we had to keep taking her in for until they finally said it was asthma. We then started questioning how a young baby would get asthma and that’s when we came to conclusion that perhaps it was from the mold and musty smell, so we called the health department and they came in and after they inspected the basement, they immediately sealed everything off and we had to vacate our apartment at once.

So, maybe more info than you needed, but I just wanted to let you know, she did have black mold exposure.



SHAPE: A multi-generation program! – After seeing the wonderful results that my 77-year old mother had…

Here is a recent SHAPE success story! MG’s mother lives out of state but is originally from Wisconsin. She heard about SHAPE from her friend who is one of our SHAPE clients here. She found a SHAPE practitioner there, started the program, and with great results inspired her daughter as described below:

“After seeing the wonderful results that my 77-year old mother had using SHAPE to drop 40 pounds, I looked into finding a local practitioner. I found Susana at Rosen Wellness in my area.

After a few weeks on the program, my hunger and sugar cravings were greatly diminished. Now, just 4 months into the program, I have lost 40 pounds. I am so happy that I started this. My mind feels clear and I have extra energy. Joint pain and stiffness have slowly gone away, and I feel amazing!

Thank you, Susana, for your help, guidance, and many wonderful recipes to try (that my husband actually enjoys, too)!”  MG

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