Late last week as we were settling down into our new “pandemic lifestyle” we had the opportunity to participate in some calls, texts, and webinars with many of the people we consider to be experts in nutrition and our personal mentors. These include Dr. Davis Brockenshire, Dr. Robert Cass, Ann Louise Gittleman, Dr. Michael Gaeta, and the leaders at Biotics and Designs for Health.

Their messages regarding the key nutrients and supplements to optimize and support the immune system are very similar. The specifics differ by the products the various companies provide (Designs for Health, MediHerb, Physica Energetics, Standard Process, and UniKey.) We have passed along the Ann Louis Gittleman/UniKey and the Designs for Health protocols in previous communications. In this article we will review the consensus among the experts and pass along the specifics of the Brockenshire/Cass/Physica protocol.

First, the consensus.

Everyone agrees it is important to support the immune system. The March newsletter (click here: March Newsletter) provides information and links to articles regarding immune system support. The experts believe the need for additional immune system support through supplementation will extend at least through the summer.

It has been found that Vitamin D can protect cells from certain viruses. There is an enzyme called ACE 2 (Angiotensin converting enzyme 2) that attaches to the outer surface of cells in the lungs, arteries, heart, kidney, and intestines. Apparently, ACE2 serves as the entry point into cells for some viruses. Vitamin D blocks or fills the receptor sites of the ACE2 so the virus can not get into the cell.

Some viruses focus their attacks on the respiratory system – particularly the lungs. If you still smoke, this gives you another reason to stop. Smoking damages the epithelial cells of the lungs, making them more vulnerable to the virus. The condition of the epithelial cells in the young is much better than that of the elder population. This is one of the reasons the coronavirus is not affecting this part of the population.

A second reason is the difference in the amount of melatonin produced by the young and the old. There is a strong link between those who contract a virus with multiple pre-existing inflammatory conditions (heart disease, diabetes, etc.). Melatonin helps to regulate NLRP3 inflammasomes which are involved with immune system activation. Melatonin reduces inflammation and is protective for the heart and brain. And for those of you concerned about the coming 5G deployment – melatonin is reduced by 5G.

And, a third reason for the difference between the young and the old is the thymus gland. This gland is at the center of our immune system and is significantly more active in children than older adults.

Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc, and the herbs Andrographis and Echinacea also appear on everyone’s lists as key supplements to support the immune system. Andrographis has anti-furin properties. Furin is a substance that will worsen the virus. There have been some reports that the herbs produce what is called a cytokine storm which can worsen the condition of someone with a virus. This is not the case and these herbs have been found to be safe.

Now, more specifics from Drs. Brockenshire and Cass.

Here are some highlights from a webinar delivered by Drs. Brockenshire and Cass:

  • Do all you can to reduce stress. Vitamin B Complex from Physica is recommended. If there is deeper emotional distress and hormonal imbalances there are other supplements to consider. Buffered Magnesium with Taurine can also help with stress.
  • Sleep is very important. While we sleep our body regenerates damaged cells and supports the immune system. (The one benefit of all this craziness is that we have been getting a bit more sleep than prior – not rushing off to the office in the morning!)
  • Now is not a good time for a cleanse. It is more important to rest the body than stress it with a cleanse.
  • Reduce brain inflammation with Turmeric, ASURA, and Ginkgo.
  • There are several botanicals for prevention and recovery in the Physica and MediHerb lines he recommends. Here, the focus is on Thymus and Spleen support.
  • Be aware there is still lots of Flu A and B out in the public.

Here is Dr. Cass’s immune system protocol:

For adults: Start with 1-2 scoops of Camu Camu Vitamin C in water. Add to it 3 droppers of Olive Leaf Intrinsic, 3 droppers of Sambucus Intrinsic, 3 droppers of Myrrh Intrinsic, and 15 drops of Flu Milieu. Stir it up and drink. In addition, do 20 sprays of Solray-D and 3 capsules of Spleen LF. This is done twice per day. Also, do one full dropper of Sambucus before bed. (Please note: Dr. Brockenshire suggests 10 sprays of Solray-D per day. We think 10 sprays is sufficient unless you are in the high risk category)

For kids: 1-2 droppers per day of Echina Intrinsic and 1 dropper of Mycelia Intrinsic in pear or grape juice.

We have just stocked up on these supplements so if you are interested please let us know so we can arrange for curbside pick up at the office.

If you have any questions please let us know.