Happy Fourth of July! You have probably already started your holiday festivities over the weekend, have today off and tomorrow more parties! Along with all the fun food and fireworks in the sky, there are likely some fireworks going off in your gut. In this edition of our newsletter, we will explore some ways to stop (or at least reduce) these fireworks. We will discuss the possible root causes and present a variety of solutions.  It can be anything from a lack of enzyme production in the stomach or pancreas, an imbalance of bacteria in the intestines, a whole bunch of stress, or just the wrong foods for your system.

Digestive challenges are one of the best reasons for muscle testing. With so many potential causes and so many potential solutions muscle testing and other remote technologies are the best way to determine your specific issues and needs.

On another note – there are some great specials at Direct Labs this month. The CWP + Vitamin D test is available for $99, a savings of $40. This combines the test we often encourage – the Comprehensive Wellness Panel with Vitamin D. Also, the Dutch Adrenal-Precision test is available for $219, a savings of $50. Remember you can order the tests and have several months to get it done. Go to Direct Labs July Specials to order.



In addition to the fireworks, we feel down below, there is also a very strong connection to the brain. This is the “gut-brain axis” which has been very prevalent in nutrition literature the past several years. Essentially there is ongoing communication between your nervous system (the brain) and your gastrointestinal tract (stomach, small intestines, large intestines). The research has supported several contributors to neuroinflammation which we are aware: food allergies, food sensitivities, bacteria out of balance, and yeast infections.

The research has connected these to emotional and behavioral problems (there is a high correlation of poor digestion and autism), brain fog, and leaky gut syndrome (which leads to systemic inflammation).



As mentioned earlier, probiotics are the best illustration of the power of muscle testing. In fact, it is one of the best ways to explain it. We stock nine different probiotics and twelve digestive enzymes to support a variety of needs. Just within the Focal Evolve product line there are six probiotics. Let’s use those as an example.

BioPro Calm – contains a probiotic strain that helps with health cognition, long-and short-term memory, sleep quality and stress management.

BioPro Lean 10 DF – for health body composition features the HOWARU® ShapeB420 which assists with healthy body composition by improving the gut barrier, supporting the reduction of body fat mass, and promoting less calorie consumption (yes, a weight loss probiotic).

To read more about the clinical evidence click here: Can A Probiotic Help You Lose Weight?

BioPro 30 DF – for daily dosing contains 30 billion CFU per capsule of four different strains.

BioPro Sb 35 DF – this contains the same four probiotics as the 30 but adds 5 billion CFU of Saccharomyces boulardii – the beneficial yeast which we encourage to take if you are on an antibiotic.

BioPro Complete 45 DF – contains 18 different strains belonging to 13 different species delivering 45 billion CFU per capsule.

BioPro 100 DF – for compromised gastrointestinal tracts this contains 100 billion CFU per capsule and is designed for those with recent antibiotic exposure or have compromised digestive health.

Here is the list of probiotics and enzymes we stock regularly. There are others that we do special orders for.

Probiotics: Focal Evolve – BioPro Calm, 10 Lean, 30, 35 Sb DF, 45 DF and 100; Standard Process: ProSynbiotic and Lactic Acid Yeast; Designs for Health: Floramyces

Digestive Enzymes: Standard Process: Enzycore, Multizyme, Zymex, Zypan; Designs for Health: Allergyzyme, CarminaGest, Digestzymes, PaleoZyme, and Plant Digestive Enzymes; MarcoPharma: Marcozyme; and QuickSilver: Dr. Shade’s Bitters X and Bitters #9.



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