July 2021 Newsletter: Happy 4th Of July Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day! We want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day and hope you have a great 4th of July! We encourage you to take an extra moment to reflect on the significance of the day. We will be celebrating with Ann Louise Gittleman and James Templeton at their [...]

May 2021 Newsletter: Self Care Tips

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It is a beautiful 70-degree day here in Wisconsin and it feels like summer! We hope it is as nice where you are too! This month’s newsletter will be short and sweet. We have some exciting news to share with you, but we are finalizing some last-minute details. You will [...]

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Newsletter April 2020: What We’ve Learned from the Pandemic

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The most common question we are being asked is “what do you think of the coronavirus?” This is a complicated answer and it appears that what we wrote in the last newsletter some six weeks ago is still today’s reality. Here’s what we said, “There is no doubt that the [...]

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Newsletter December 2019: Is Your Health Worth $4.69 A Day?

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We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and are now gearing up for the rest of the Holiday Season. One of the most interesting client conversations this month was with a client who told us she calculated that her supplements cost her $4.69 per day. This client is on [...]

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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

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Given the confusion and hype so prevalent on the Internet and in the media we are often asked where to go for reliable, dependable and accurate information regarding nutrition. Here is a list of a few of our FAVORITE WEBSITES: http://www.westonaprice.org – The official site of The Weston Price Foundation [...]

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