Throughout the time we have been practicing natural health most of the popular detoxification programs available required lots of pills and powders and more importantly a significant amount of time to get it all organized. As we transition from sheltering in place into whatever the new normal is going to be, most of us are looking for a much simpler option.

Many of you are still working from home, trying to keep your kids occupied during their summer break, or have continued going to work at your essential jobs. Taking the time out of your busy life to navigate a complicated detoxification program is not realistic anymore. If that sounds like your life, we have a solution for you!

The SHAPE 21-day detoxification program. No pills and powders – just the SHAPE Drops three times a day before each meal of real food – foods that are tasty and simple to prepare in your own home. While you enjoy the delicious and nutritious food allowed on the program you will detoxify, boost your immune system, and as an added benefit likely lose some weight! It does not get much better than that – eat healthy, detox, and lose weight!!

The SHAPE 21-day Program includes one bottle of the SHAPE Drops, a guidebook, an initial consultation to review the program and a follow up consultation 7-10 days into the program – all for $195.

If you are interested in starting the program or would like more information, please call Bernie at 414-331-8796, email to, or go right ahead and follow this link to schedule now: SCHEDULE NOW