It is hard to believe it is already August! We would like to continue with last month’s theme of what is new and exciting in our practice.

In addition to offering a COVID-19 rapid antibody test, this month we are introducing Blood Type testing. For more information please read below.

In the past several months we introduced Emu Oil and featured Hista-Eze. We continue to see great results with these products. In fact, one client stated that using the Hista-Eze “was life changing.” We are always so happy when the products live up to all the hype of the manufacturers. For more information on Emu Oil click here: Walkabout Emu Oil and for more information on Hista-Eze click here: Hista-Eze.

We have two more exciting items of product lines. First, Designs for Health has introduced five new products in the past couple of months that are cutting edge and we believe will be highly beneficial to you. Second, we are once again carrying the full line of UniKey Health products. See below for all the details.

We close out the newsletter with more praise from our clients for the SHAPE ReClaimed program. We have now offered SHAPE for one year and every day we continue to be amazed at the dramatic improvements and positive changes we see in our clients.


Don’t Know Your Blood Type? We’ve Got the Test!

Last month we introduced COVID-19 rapid antibody testing in the office. We had an overwhelming interest and already had to re-order our test kit supplies! We are offering these tests to our clients and their referrals for people who think they may have had the virus when testing was not available or prevalent. If you would like to be tested please give Susana a call or text at 414-331-9326 or email her at The tests are $50 per test. If you would like to learn more about the rapid antibody test click here: Diagnox COVID Test

This month we are introducing Blood Type testing. You will remember on the Intake Form that we ask for blood type. There is one reason for this. We are checking for Blood Type A. Research has shown that this blood type tends to have more digestive issues than other types due to lower production of hydrochloric acid. The latest research is suggesting that blood type A’s may be more susceptible to the coronavirus. Many of you do not know your blood type. If you would like to find out let us know. You can call, text, or email Susana to make an appointment. Blood type tests are $40 per test. We use tests from Eldon Biologicals. Click here for more information about Eldon.


Only the Best Supplements for You at Rosen Wellness

We are frequently asked how we decide the products to offer our clients. There are so many products on the market all claiming to be the best! And, we are constantly approached by supplement manufacturers to carry their products. Since high quality supplements are critical for successful outcomes, those we recommend must be effective. To read more about our product selection process click here: Best Quality Supplements

In short, when we decide to offer a new product line or increase our offerings from a specific company, it is newsworthy!

Rosen Wellness is very excited about five new products from Designs for Health. These products are:

  • ImmunoSpore a new immune support product that is an all-in-one preventive solution to those fearing infection from the most common current maladies we face today! It is a synergistic combination of spore-based probiotics and antioxidants to support natural immune system health and overall wellbeing.
  • Tri-Butyrin -a “postbiotic” and gut healing product having a retroactive regulatory effect on the entire immune system and GI Tract. It increases the production of antimicrobial compounds in intestinal macrophages in vivo and downregulates the inflammatory response. In this way Butyrate helps heal the gut lining.
  • SPM Supremeis a combination of three highly potent specialized pro-resolving mediators which help to dampen the pain response caused by inflammation, repair tissue, and reduce inflammation to support the healing process.
  • CarminaGest™is a digestive support formula containing herbal bitters designed to optimize healthy digestion and help reduce occasional gastrointestinal discomfort after meals, such as gas, bloating, and excessive fullness. This product is ideal for individuals who are sensitive to supplementation with hydrochloric acid (HCl, stomach acid) and for vegetarians and vegans who may benefit from digestive support but who prefer to avoid animal-sourced digestive enzymes.
  • ProbioSpore™ is a broad-spectrum spore-based probiotic used to optimize gastrointestinal (GI) health. Spore-based strains such as Bacillus are vital to the food chain as they have the intrinsic ability to produce a multitude of enzymes, secretory proteins, antimicrobial compounds, vitamins, and carotenoids.

For more details on these products click here: Five New Products from DFH.

We are also pleased to announce that we will again be carrying the full line of products from UniKey Health including all the supplements and the BeauCle skin care line. UniKey offers formulations developed by Ann Louise Gittleman and James Templeton. We are especially excited about the highly successful anti-aging formula Ultra H-3 Plus which is getting rave reviews for both physical and mental health improvements.

We have also experienced lots of interest in the personal air purifiers from CWR Enviro. These are ideal for additional protection for going back to school or returning to the office. The 20% off special has been extended until August 15. Use the code JULY2020BR at checkout. After August 15 it goes back to 3% off using the code ROSEN. Here is the link for CWR: Personal Air Purifiers.


More SHAPE Success Stories

We really cannot say enough about what a wonderful program SHAPE ReClaimed is. Here are recent testimonials from S.S. and M.S.

SHAPE has been phenomenal for my overall health!

“I have been following SHAPE ReClaimed for almost a year.  My goals were to lose weight, eat healthier and reduce my blood pressure medications.  Bernie and Susana have helped me every step of the way.  I have reached all of my goals (lost over 30 pounds!) and I am now on the maintenance phase!   It has been phenomenal for my overall health!”   S.S.

Changing the direction my health was headed

“Last Fall 2019 I decided to work with Susana & Bernie Rosen on SHAPE ReClaimed to change the direction my health was headed. My weight was going up, my body aches were over the top, my migraines relentless & acid reflux my daily companion. My goal of course was to lose weight & hopefully address my other issues. With the guidance of Susana & Bernie I have first lost 22lbs. I am holding my position even living through the Covid 19 shutdown & the temptation to watch stupid TV & eat junk food. So I did gain 3 lbs but got back on track losing the 3.

My other issues have been with me for over 50 years so they don’t go away in a few months but with Susana & Bernie’s guidance with SHAPE ReClaimed I know I will continue to improve & I’m looking forward to feeling better everyday.” M.S.

For more client testimonials click here: Testimonials